Bluetooth Speakers

Now what is a good movie without a good sound system? One piece of technology that has come into popularity in recent years is the Bluetooth speaker. There are some really bad examples of Bluetooth speakers and a few that are quite decent. But there is one that takes the cake as the best out there, and that is the Riva Turbo X. It is simply the finest sounding portable on the market.


Riva say that the speaker was designed by musicians, and you can tell when you hear the crispness and clarity of the audio. You can tell that it packs a punch by how heavy it is, nearly 1.5 kilos! One downside is that you have to pay extra if you want the carrying case, when I think something like that should be included in the price, because the speaker is not that cheap!


There is of course a ‘Turbo” option, where the speaker can reportedly go up to 100dB. That is a very loud speaker! Outdoors that is a very useful feature indeed, you could have a serious pool party with this speaker alone.


The triumphant selling point of this speaker is huge amount of battery life. The company claim that it can play for over a day at normal playback levels! If only smartphones could have that kind of power, hey?? Wouldn’t life be sweet then!?!


Overall the Riva Turbo X just plays back music and other audio without colouring it too much. You don’t need speakers that change the sound, you want to hear it how it was intended by the artist in the first place, and this speaker does exactly that.


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